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14º 41.94' N92º 23.508' WAmandlaArrived Marina Chiapas. Looks like we might be here for a while as the Tehuantepeckers seem to be blowing strongly for the foreseeable future. about 1 month  agoShow

13º 15.702' N90º 41.316' WAmandlaWild night the first night as expected. Wild night the second night <BR/>...unexpected. Hoping for smooth sailing from here on out. Caught a HUGE <BR/>tuna along our way. All well on board. <BR/> about 1 month  agoShow

11º 48.174' N86º 31.776' WAmandlaMasachapa. Waiting for the Papagayos to calm. Rolling anchorage with billowing smoke coming from shore (sugar cane?). Noisy at night. about 1 month  agoShow

11º 30.39' N86º 10.242' WAmandlaAnchored in El Astillero waiting for weather. Comfortable. Quiet.about 1 month  agoShow

11º 23.286' N86º 2.268' WAmandlaWaiting for winds to settle down. Stern anchor helps with the swell. about 2 months  agoShow

10º 51.486' N85º 54.6' WAmandlaMurcielagos is by far my favorite anchorage in Costa Rica. Safely tucked in here waiting to round Cabo Santa Elena about 2 months  agoShow

10º 37.962' N85º 41.208' WAmandlaBahia Huevos. Gorgeous anchorage surrounded by small islands. Popular during the day with tourist boats, but by sunset, we had the place to ourselves. about 2 months  agoShow

10º 34.728' N85º 40.872' WAmandlaPlaya Hermosa - A few sailboats. Shore dotted with condos/hotels. Open to the westabout 2 months  agoShow

10º 18.192' N85º 50.796' WAmandlaHo Ho Ho. Anchored in Playa Tamarindo waiting for favorable winds to proceed onward to Playa Hermosa. Very comfortable anchorageabout 2 months  agoShow

9º 52.02' N85º 30.774' WAmandlaWe are here Santa. Anchors down Bahia Samara (a rolling anchorage in spite of the stern anchor). Caught two tuna along the way. Poke tonight! about 2 months  agoShow

9º 38.526' N84º 39.51' WAmandlaAnchors down Playa Herradura. Not cruiser friendly. No dinghy dockage service available at Los Sueños Marina for those at anchor or on moorings. Dinghy dockage is only available to marina guests paying exorbitant slip fees (I’ve been told $5 USD per foot). Engine and dinghy theft is high here so beaching the dinghy is not a wise option. A local boater emphatically warned us against leaving our dinghy on the beach here. Having lunch here tomorrow with The Captain’s cousin from San Jose and heading out first light the following morning. <BR/> about 2 months  agoShow

8º 37.188' N83º 9.24' WAmandlaAnchors down Golfito. Beautiful coastline. Completed most of the lengthy check-in process (sans health) and will get SIM cards sorted tomorrow.about 2 months  agoShow

7º 41.022' N82º 19.41' WAmandlaMoved from Isla Cebaco to Isla de Coiba yesterday and anchored last night in <BR/>South Bahia Damas to sit out a storm. Underway since 07:30 but it is slow <BR/>going through all the fishing nets. Plan is to continue onward to Golfito, <BR/>Costa Rica for check in without stopping. Happy Birthday Aunt Harriet!!! <BR/> about 2 months  agoShow

7º 29.538' N81º 13.464' WAmandlaAhoy from Isla Cebaco on the Panama Pacific Coast. Left the anchorage at <BR/>Isla Iguana last evening at 22:28 due to strong northerly winds (not <BR/>forecast) which made the anchorage untenable. Rounded Punta Mala at 00:30 <BR/>without incident. Safely tucked in here waiting for a weather window to sail <BR/>rather than motor with wind on the nose. No internet here which is a bonus <BR/>sometimes ;-) <BR/> 2 months  agoShow

7º 37.536' N80º 0.138' WAmandlaAnchors down Isla Iguana. Waiting here to round Punta Mala at slack low tide in daylight. Caught a fish along the way. Love the Pacific2 months  agoShow

7º 37.536' N80º 0.138' WAmandlaAnchors down Isla Iguana. Waiting here to round Punta Mala at slack low tide in daylight. Caught a fish along the way. Love the Pacific2 months  agoShow

8º 29.016' N79º 56.544' WAmandlaDocked for the next week at Vista Mar to prep for our departure north.3 months  agoShow

8º 54.492' N79º 31.5' WAmandlaFinished our third transit through the Panama Canal (second time on Amandla) Great to be back in the Pacific again. Sadly, we celebrated repairing a fried alternator ...but at least we made it through the Canal without incident. 3 months  agoShow

9º 22.056' N79º 57.03' WAmandlaCircumnavigation Ho! We left Shelter Bay on 18th April 2013 and returned here today ...the long way. Older. Fatter, Happier. Shall we celebrate with a victory lap?3 months  agoShow

9º 28.524' N78º 42.75' WAmandlaArrived beautiful Cambobia with sun-filled skies. Going for a snorkel this afternoon. Have heard the reef is awesome here. 3 months  agoShow

9º 16.314' N78º 7.62' WAmandlaArrived beautiful Cambobia with sun-filled skies. Going for a snorkel this afternoon. Have heard the reef is awesome here. 3 months  agoShow

9º 28.812' N78º 38.046' WAmandlaSun shining on beautiful Isla Verde today. Looking forward to snorkeling the reef3 months  agoShow

9º 29.076' N78º 40.242' WAmandlaEsnasdup - The Pool - Lovely spot surrounded by islands and protected by a reef3 months  agoShow

9º 25.956' N78º 31.428' WAmandlaAhoy from Tigre Marmartupu. Adorable town. Friendly locals. Found gorgeous molas here!3 months  agoShow

9º 16.314' N78º 7.758' WAmandlaMono 💔4 months  agoShow

9º 7.74' N77º 55.77' WAmandlaAhoy from Isla Ustupu in The San Blas! There is going to be an independence <BR/>day celebration here tomorrow and we are the only ones in the anchorage to <BR/>enjoy it! If you have a boat in the area and are reading this, come join us. <BR/>No internet here but lots of canoes. <BR/> 4 months  agoShow

8º 39.972' N77º 25.386' WAmandlaAhoy Panama!!!! Final stamp in the passport for this first lap. This time checked in at Puerto Obaldia so we can explore the San Blas before heading on to Shelter Bay where we will cross our outbound line together 🇵🇦⛵️❤️4 months  agoShow

9º 47.268' N75º 51.138' WAmandlaPicked up a mooring off Isla Tintipan to fix the boat compass. Enjoying it so much decided to stay an extra day.4 months  agoShow

10º 24.648' N75º 32.628' WAmandlaAnchors down Cartagena. Great to see our friends Keith and Mildred anchored here. Now starting the multiday check-in process and getting the haul out scheduled.7 months  agoShow

10º 56.43' N75º 2.382' WAmandlaAhoy from Puerto Valero, a comfortable anchorage and very affordable marina <BR/>60 nautical miles northeast of Cartagena. Have stopped here for a few hours <BR/>to time our arrival in Cartagena at 10:00 tomorrow. Will sail from here at <BR/>01:00. <BR/> 7 months  agoShow

11º 31.476' N74º 0.072' WAmandlaStellar sky last night. Hoping for another starlit evening. I think we are <BR/>aligned with NYC's longitude. How about that?!? <BR/> 7 months  agoShow

12º 22.368' N71º 53.868' WAmandlaLack of wind for 12 hours had us head to Bahia Honda for the night to drop <BR/>anchor. When we got within 1 nm of the anchorage, wind kicked in and so we <BR/>continued onward. 237 nm to go <BR/> 7 months  agoShow

12º 18.36' N69º 8.934' WAmandlaFirst leg of our Curaçao to Colombia journey complete. A short hop up the coast to time our departure for daylight arrivals. Off at 0700 tomorrow. Happy Birthday Nancy Cederquist. Can't wait to see you in Mexico!7 months  agoShow

12º 4.782' N68º 51.714' WAmandlaAnchors down Curaçao. Enjoyed a beautiful, breeze filled 39 nm sail from Bonaire. A bigger sea than expected but arrived here safely. The first time that we've departed and arrived in the same day since September 2019 in Madagascar. 7 months  agoShow

12º 9.252' N68º 16.752' WAmandlaThe Captain scored us a mooring and we are happily getting settled in our new backyard8 months  agoShow

12º 9.858' N68º 17.088' WAmandlaArrived safely in Bonaire. Clear water and a lovely vibe. No anchoring here and no mooring balls available until at least Saturday (if we are lucky) so we had to come into the marina.8 months  agoShow

12º 23.004' N66º 58.29' WAmandlaHave only managed to sail about 35% of the trip with the rest motor sailing. <BR/>Lots of sail changes to try to capture occasional wisps of wind. Engine on <BR/>now. Hopeful for just the right amount of wind soon. <BR/> 8 months  agoShow

12º 19.848' N64º 25.644' WAmandlaDisappointed that we have to bypass Los Roques, Venezuela. It was The <BR/>Captain's favourite sailing ground. <BR/> 8 months  agoShow

12º 2.646' N61º 44.946' WAmandlaArrived Grenada. The Captain completed his circumnavigation aboard Amandla here. We celebrated with a power nap followed by cleaning and boat work ... there was a bit of grog later in the day. ** Originally landed at La Phare Bleu but the transportation costs ($30 one-way taxi ride to grocery, $65-$100 per day for car rental, a 20-minute walk to a bus) made us relocate to the better protected, centrally located Port Louis ** 8 months  agoShow

11º 25.398' N60º 20.658' WAmandlaLand Ho! Can see Tobago 20 nm to port. Heading onward to Le Phare Bleu <BR/>(hopefully) in Grenada. 80 MTG <BR/> 8 months  agoShow

9º 36.738' N58º 0.42' WAmandlaMaking good way. We should arrive Grenada on Saturday. 258 MTG <BR/> 8 months  agoShow

7º 48.48' N55º 41.67' WAmandlaWe are here. 436 MTG <BR/> 9 months  agoShow

6º 2.934' N53º 23.37' WAmandlaThe voyage continues! Bit of bounce and flogging sails at the onset but far <BR/>easier than Papillon's departure from the place. We are now humming along at <BR/>7.5 knots with wind on the beam and a favourable current. 620 MTG <BR/> 9 months  agoShow

5º 17.016' N52º 35.532' WAmandlaArrived Ile Royale. Unlike Papillion, we are very happy to be here. Hoping <BR/>to explore the Iles du Salut tomorrow after we catch up on some sleep. <BR/> 9 months  agoShow

1º 31.542' N45º 32.37' WAmandlaBack to sunny blue. Making good time. Only 470 MTG to Devils Island <BR/> 9 months  agoShow

0º 0.012' N43º 6.372' WAmandlaToasted Neptune as we made our way across the equator for the sixth time <BR/>aboard Amandla. Hoping we have many more equatorial transits in our future. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> 9 months  agoShow

1º 34.092' S40º 43.968' WAmandlaFlying along on a rapid current under sail. Enjoying mostly sunlit days and <BR/>starlight night watches ...with intermittent 30+ knot squalls. Amazing how <BR/>quickly the weather can change from sunny blue to raging gray and back <BR/>again. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> 9 months  agoShow

3º 18.852' S37º 44.628' WAmandlaHit by a 30+ knot squall last night followed by a deluge. Genoa reefed, jib <BR/>furled, and rain cover deployed so we remained comfortable, safe and dry. <BR/>Back to blue skies and sunshine today. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> 9 months  agoShow

4º 29.916' S35º 38.382' WAmandlaIt is always something. The first challenge of this passage is excessive <BR/>battery drainage. The newly refurbished fridge compressor is one of the <BR/>culprits but the other(s) remain a mystery. Managing the situation by <BR/>periodically turning off the fridge and/or running the engine until The <BR/>Captain can sort the issue. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> 9 months  agoShow

7º 2.148' S34º 51.354' WAmandlaLand Ho Brazil. Had a great 14 passage from St. Helena. Easiest crossing yet. Will spend the next week cleaning and repairing. Will then set off to explore Olinda, relax in Refice and figure out 'what's next'.11 months  agoShow

9º 28.344' S20º 42.024' WAmandlaEnjoyed six full days of breeze but now the wind eludes us. Have been flying <BR/>the iron genoa since 05:30 UTC. Only 850 MTG to Cabedelo! <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> 11 months  agoShow

11º 12.582' S14º 30.066' WAmandlaAfter a few days in St Helena filled with hikes, whale sharks and charm, we <BR/>are back underway to Brazil. Enjoying a comfortable passage in a gentle <BR/>breeze on slight seas. Only 1237 MTG to Cabedelo! <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> 11 months  agoShow

15º 55.506' S5º 43.512' WAmandlaArrived safely in St Helena! Charming little place. Looking forward to <BR/>exploring Jamestown and snorkeling with whale sharks. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> 12 months  agoShow

16º 50.052' S4º 3.984' WAmandlaGreat to be back in the western hemisphere after a 3.5 year absence! 113 MTG <BR/>to St Helena <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> 12 months  agoShow

20º 40.092' S2º 43.56' EAmandlaMaking great progress downwind in rolling seas. Only 560 MTG to St Helena <BR/> 12 months  agoShow

21º 57.942' S4º 53.418' EAmandlaWoo Hoo! Just completed my first full circle! Started in Amsterdam in July <BR/>2011. <BR/> 12 months  agoShow

24º 30.99' S10º 31.308' EAmandlaAnother beautiful day sailing on with calm seas and fully charged batteries. <BR/>Bit of a bumpy ride overnight with a power hungry autopilot crapping out <BR/>intermittently but all good now. Less than 6 degrees of longitude to go for <BR/>a full circle. <BR/> 12 months  agoShow

26º 38.442' S15º 9.39' EAmandlaArrive safely in Lüderitz. We've been to here before, but arriving under sail makes it seem as if we are seeing it for the first time! The landscape looks like a faded postcard in the desert infused light. Glad we had another chance to visit here! 12 months  agoShow

29º 54.87' S16º 12.21' EAmandlaEngines back on after sailing quietly for most of the passage. Good run so <BR/>far. Hoping for a bit more wind in our near future. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> 12 months  agoShow

33º 54.582' S18º 25.122' EAmandlaArrived Cape Town with whales, seals and dolphins leading the way. Happy from head to toe. about 1 year  agoShow

34º 54.57' S20º 1.35' EAmandlaHurricane Dorny is back in The Atlantic! 7 years ago I transited this ocean for the first time. 5 1/2 years ago, I left her shores to sail across The Pacific and Indian. Over 34,000 miles later, I’m coming home. about 1 year  agoShow

34º 10.584' S22º 8.52' EAmandlaSafely tucked in at Mossel Bay to wait out a southwest blow expected in the morning.Target to continue onward to Cape Town mid-day Wednesdayabout 1 year  agoShow

34º 18.72' S25º 26.952' EAmandlaA gentle breeze, flat calm seas and sunny skies have replaced our serious <BR/>ocean as we make way to Mossel Bay. Should be sailing past Seal Point by <BR/>sunset. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> about 1 year  agoShow

32º 41.472' S28º 35.292' EAmandlaA serious ocean with a super fast current out here but all well on board making great progress. Captain Fabiolous completed his first full circle along our way.about 1 year  agoShow

29º 51.846' S31º 1.524' EAmandlaArrived safely in Durban 🇿🇦 Thrilled to have completed our Indian Ocean transit. Next up, making our way back to the Atlantic via the Cape of Good Hope... but first, a bit of boat work and possibly a safari or two 🦁 <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

27º 30.546' S32º 57.288' EAmandlaMotoring more than we would like on flat calm seas, but better that the <BR/>alternative of gale force winds and breaking waves that are notorious on <BR/>this coast. Given the current forecast and flotilla of 24 boats underway to <BR/>Richards Bay, we have decided to sail onward to Durban. ETA Sunday <BR/>mid-day. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

25º 42.456' S34º 48.942' EAmandlaGood run so far. Sailing nights but motoring days in light SSE wind, 1-2 <BR/>meter seas, and 1.5 knots of favorable current. Only 30 degrees of longitude <BR/>left to travel a full circle. Even fewer degrees left for The Captain! <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

23º 6.492' S35º 43.242' EAmandlaGreat sail out of the pass. Made good way overnight under pleasant <BR/>conditions. Better than expected for the first night. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

21º 38.91' S35º 24.618' EAmandlaAfrica Ahoy! First leg of our passage complete. Tucked in here waiting for a <BR/>weather window to safely proceed onward to Richards Bay. No internet here, <BR/>but as promised, 'the sunny skies are aqua blue and it is magic in a magical <BR/>land' . <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

20º 7.104' S37º 14.616' EAmandlaHad a great 24 hours of sailing but once again the wind eludes us. Hoping it <BR/>will fill our sails again soon. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

15º 50.586' S42º 4.362' EAmandlaGorgeous sail overnight but now the wind eludes us. Working our way slowly <BR/>under engine toward the south going current near the Africa coast. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

15º 41.316' S44º 34.002' EAmandlaGood day for it. The elements are pushing us slightly further north that we <BR/>would like, but we hope that changes once we get past the cape. Still, it is <BR/>a comfortable sail and all are well on board. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

16º 4.014' S45º 20.754' EAmandlaAnchors down Baly Bay waiting for a weather window to cross to South Africa via Mozambique. Orange internet signal unexpectedly strong here in what seems like the middle of nowhere. Tucked in behind a reef in hopes that it doesn't get too rolling when the tide comes back in. over 1 year  agoShow

15º 46.116' S46º 14.82' EAmandlaMoved to a more comfortable anchorage for a bit of rest before we lift anchor and head onward to Baly Bay 78 nm south. over 1 year  agoShow

15º 42.906' S46º 17.67' EAmandlaIn Mahajanga to check out of this beautiful country. So not ready to leave. Rolling, rolling, rolling anchorage. over 1 year  agoShow

14º 53.394' S47º 20.412' EAmandlaIt is a baobab wonderland here. Can't wait to make our way to shore tomorrow to see Sifakas in the wild. Best part, we have the place to ourselves! over 1 year  agoShow

14º 53.394' S47º 20.412' EAmandlaIt is a baobab wonderland here. Can't wait to make our way to shore tomorrow to see Sifakas in the wild. Best part, we have the place to ourselves! over 1 year  agoShow

14º 7.014' S47º 45.684' EAmandla🐳Saw humpback whales doing backflips on the way to Nosy Antanimora. Another awesome day at sea. I ❤️Madagascarover 1 year  agoShow

12º 46.842' S45º 15.804' EAmandla⚓️ Anchors down Mayotte 🇾🇹 after another soul-cleansing passage on the sea ⛵️ <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

13º 18.99' S48º 9.72' EAmandla⚓️ Anchors down Sakatia. Here to swim with sea turtles 🐢 <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

13º 36.24' S47º 49.89' EAmandla😍Oh that blue. Walked the land bridge across Nosy Iranja that appears at low tide. Picture perfect.over 1 year  agoShow

13º 42.822' S47º 53.76' EAmandlaEnjoyed a few days in a small, welcoming village along the Honey River. Ferried there by Welk in his canoe. Invited the village teacher and his son aboard Amandla for a visit.over 1 year  agoShow

13º 30.93' S47º 57.69' EAmandlaVisited wild lemurs on Nosy Antsoha. Anchorage looks good for snorkeling. Will have to come back for another visit. over 1 year  agoShow

12º 54.456' S48º 34.656' EAmandlaAnchors down in protected Maribe Bay, Mitsio. Purchased delicious lobsters from a local trader. Possibly the best I have ever eaten.over 1 year  agoShow

13º 1.776' S48º 33.024' EAmandlaAnchors Down Tsara Bajina home of the most gorgeous sunrise we've experienced in Madagascar. The rugged landscape was golden.over 1 year  agoShow

13º 24.336' S48º 17.076' EAmandlaBack in Hell-Ville for a few days to sadly disembark Lucio who will return to Italy for a few months. Looking forward to his rejoining us in late Septemberover 1 year  agoShow

13º 35.742' S48º 8.244' EAmandlaGreat day anchorage with fantastic snorkeling, a village, a school and the coolest Eco Lodge (Eden Lodge) I have ever come acrossover 1 year  agoShow

13º 32.334' S47º 59.76' EAmandlaSpent five days in beautiful, calm Russian Bay. A great place to relax...and repair thingsover 1 year  agoShow

13º 29.016' S48º 14.478' EAmandlaTanihely is a lovely place to snorkel during the day. No overnight anchoring allowed, but just a hop, skip and a jump from Hell-Villeover 1 year  agoShow

13º 26.76' S48º 21.588' EAmandlaEnjoyed a wonderful visit to Antintorona ( on Nosy Komba. Amazing what can happen when a village comes together to effect positive change.over 1 year  agoShow

13º 43.344' S48º 11.22' EAmandlaJust received permission from the local Mpanjaka (Queen) to anchor <BR/>off this beautiful fishing village. Lemurs roam freely, time stands still, <BR/>and internet/cellular service have yet to arrive. Looking forward to <BR/>spending more time in the village after we have tackled a bit more boat <BR/>work. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

13º 24.486' S48º 17.04' EAmandlaAnchors Down Nosy Be! Greeted by an amazing local sailing fleet framed within a jaw-dropping landscape. Lots of adventure (and repairs) to look forward to. Time to get to work.over 1 year  agoShow

12º 1.65' S49º 30.858' EAmandlaHoly swamped Batman. Wild ride to Madagascar. Looking forward to calmer <BR/>waters on the other side of Cap D'Ambre. Yowza! <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

12º 22.542' S55º 31.14' EAmandlaBoisterous but beautiful out here on the high seas. 361 MTG to our first <BR/>waypoint in Madagascar. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

12º 5.586' S61º 31.338' EAmandlaOver half way to our first waypoint in Madagascar. Have sailed the entirety <BR/>of the way on a lively passage. Conditions have calmed but we are still <BR/>making great progress. Landed and lost a large yellow fin tuna. We will <BR/>bring in the next one. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

6º 39.948' S70º 8.004' EAmandlaEarly departure from Chagos due to our mistake when amending the dates on <BR/>our BIOT cruising permit. Heartbroken but no use crying over spilled coconut <BR/>milk. 9 days in paradise better than 0. Madagascar here we come <BR/> over 1 year  agoShow

5º 20.034' S72º 15.78' EAmandlaLand Ho Chagos! Enjoyed a lovely dolphin and rainbow filled passage. <BR/>Propelled here by a gentle breeze after a nasty short squall on the first <BR/>night out. Looking forward to exploring after we do a bit of spring cleaning <BR/>on Amandla. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

0º 40.95' S73º 8.682' EAmandla⛵️5th time across the equator. Next time we do it, we’ll be heading ‘home’ ...unless we alter course yet again. Setting sail for Madagascar via Chagos on 15 May. Off-grid for 45 days. almost 2 years  agoShow

0º 32.082' N73º 0.246' EAmandlaIn Thinadhoo to refuel and provision. Very friendly locals and great place to get a haircut.almost 2 years  agoShow

0º 43.026' N73º 15.15' EAmandlaAnchors down Fenfutta. Some great reefs to snorkel here.almost 2 years  agoShow

2º 31.248' N72º 58.614' EAmandlaOff-the grid for the next few days. Enjoying a bit of paradise in lovely <BR/>Kadufushi at the top of Thaa Atoll. Just us and the fish off a small, <BR/>uninhabited island. Think we will stay a few days. No internet here. Sent <BR/>from our satellite phone. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

2º 42.054' N72º 51.306' EAmandla⛵️🏝🏨 Paradise redefined. Arrived at another once pristine anchorage in between two formerly uninhabited islands to find two new resorts being developed for occupancy in 2019. Second time in two weeks. Tourism is the largest economy in The Maldives. At present, there are 105 resorts open here with another 120 slated for construction. Oh yes, and its raining again 😞 almost 2 years  agoShow

3º 11.88' N72º 59.568' EAmandla⚓️ After two disappointing days in dive boat infested Dhigurah (South Ari Atoll) we’ve relocated to a lovely spot surrounded by reef in crystal clear waters just off the island of Jinnathugau⛵️ <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

3º 31.092' N72º 54.816' EAmandla😍In search of whale sharks. Anchors down South Ari Atoll. The reefs await. UPDATED 30 Apr we were in Dhageti (03 36.24 N / 72 56.82 E). Sailed here 1 May almost 2 years  agoShow

4º 18.492' N73º 33.876' EAmandla⚓️ Himmafushi. Taking ferry to Malé tomorrow for provisions and sightseeing ⛴ <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

4º 23.73' N73º 21.438' EAmandla🐬 Lovely sail today with dolphins leading the way. Hoping to swim with the manta rays rumored to visit here (Rasfari) 💙 <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

4º 52.584' N72º 55.554' EAmandla🌊 Surfs Up! Bit of a nail biter entering the pass at Goidhoo Atoll today but The Captain got us through safely. Haven’t seen breakers like this since we entered the pass at Maupiti, French Polynesia in 2014. HUGE! Updated 4/23 - Moved from 04 52' 0075 N 72 59.0044 E <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

5º 3.348' N73º 0.636' EAmandla💙 It is 50 shades of blue out here. Thanks for the anchorage tip @sailingtotem Following in your wake using @farkwaar ( <>). Anchored between two reefs. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

5º 14.184' N73º 8.694' EAmandla🎶 The silence here is music to my ears. Anchors down Baa Atoll. Taking a lead from @sailingtotem using their waypoints on @farkwaar ( <>). Amazing colors! above the waterline. Can’t wait to explore what’s underneath <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

7º 4.518' N72º 55.386' EAmandla⚓️ Anchors down Maldives. Blue water, white sandy beaches, and jumping dolphins in the lagoon. Can’t wait to explore the underwater paradise here 🐬 <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

6º 1.938' N80º 13.962' EAmandla📿We are unexpectedly at anchor in Galle enjoying the sound of chanting monks from the temple above. Our windless, current filled motor sail caused us to use more fuel than expected, so we’ve come here to resupply. Delighted to have a few more days in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

6º 21.642' N81º 44.058' EAmandla🌞 Much better passage last evening. The wind made an appearance and we avoided fishing nets / minimized the impact of current by sailing within the 100 m contour ⛵️ <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

8º 0.45' N81º 49.776' EAmandla⛵️ Made little way overnight dodging unmarked floating fishing nets and sailing with minimal wind into two knots of current. Sadly, I think today will be more of the same. Will likely hove to this evening when the nets come out ⚓️ <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

8º 33.828' N81º 13.77' EAmandlaArrived Trincomalee! Huge bay with room for many boats. All checked in to <BR/>the country. Tomorrow off to provision fruit, vegetables and local data <BR/>SIMs. Looking forward to getting to know this country better after a good <BR/>night's rest. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>#IndianOcean2018 <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

8º 33.456' N82º 24.54' EAmandlaPassage bonus perk - abs without effort. The simple act of maintaining <BR/>balance for eight straight days while gently rolling on the sea has been <BR/>very kind to the waistline. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>Slowly making way over the remaining 68 nm with 3 knots (apparent) of wind <BR/>from stern. <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>#passagemaking #IndianOcean2018 <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

8º 30.84' N84º 36.918' EAmandlaPassage Notes: Sri Lanka is now only 199 nautical miles away. ETA <BR/>Trincomalee March 5th 0230 UTC. Winds are holding and the crew are in good <BR/>spirits. Eggs and HOME FRIES for lunch. Yay! #passagemaking #IndianOcean2018 <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

8º 27.162' N86º 22.098' EAmandlaPassage Notes: Have been sailing along slowly on gently rolling seas under <BR/>blue skies with very light winds. A squall forms on our starboard. It looks <BR/>small on the radar but brings welcome wind. A fishing boat approaches with <BR/>smiling faces, offering fish to trade for cigarettes. We indicate we have <BR/>no cigarettes and they fall behind as we sail onward (300 mtg). <BR/>#passagemaking #IndianOcean2018 <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

8º 17.7' N88º 33.648' EAmandlaPassage Notes: Over ½ way to Sri Lanka (434 mtg)! More dolphins came by to <BR/>play and we hooked a fish ...sadly, he swam away with our prized pole ... <BR/>but that is for another story. #IndianOcean2018 <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

8º 6.264' N90º 43.92' EAmandlaPassage Notes: As the sun came up this morning, a pod of dolphins approached <BR/>and swam alongside Amandla. I weighed whether to get my camera or just enjoy <BR/>the moment. I have no pictures #passagemaking #IndianOcean2018 <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

7º 48.75' N93º 22.032' EAmandlaPassage Notes: Now more than 3/4s of the way around the world. Over 270 <BR/>degrees of longitude sailed to date with less than 90 degrees remaining to <BR/>complete a full circle. Yay me! #IndianOcean2018 <BR/> <BR/> <BR/> <BR/>Wish we could stop off an celebrate at the Nicobars. Sadly, these pristine <BR/>islands are off-limits #IndiaMilitaryZone. <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

7º 51.09' N95º 28.434' EAmandlaPassage Notes: The world's noise fades away. The only sound is that of water <BR/>kissing Amandla's hull as she makes way. I am home. #passagemaking <BR/>#IndianOcean2018 <BR/> almost 2 years  agoShow

7º 57.75' N98º 23.166' EAmandlaReadying Amandla for the upcoming year. Plan to start our crossing mid-month #IndianOcean2018about 2 years  agoShow

7º 21.468' N99º 17.538' EAmandlaHappily anchored at Ko Muk. Looking forward to exploring the underwater paradise @sailingtotem wrote about... if only it would stop raining about 2 years  agoShow

6º 29.898' N99º 18.612' EAmandla⚓️ The crew of Amandla are delighted to be back in Ko Lipe, Thailand. This time happily with our friends Paulo and Lu Lu aboard #sailingabout 2 years  agoShow

5º 21.27' N100º 19.002' EAmandlaWishing you a wonderful 2018. We are ringing in the New Year in Penang!about 2 years  agoShow

4º 12.69' N100º 36.096' EAmandla⚓️ Ahoy from Pangkor, Malaysia. Closing down Amandla over the next few weeks and preparing for some land travel ? <BR/> over 2 years  agoShow

6º 18.078' N99º 50.988' EAmandla⚓️ Back in Langkawi, Malaysia after two splendid months in Thailand ? <BR/> almost 3 years  agoShow

6º 18.09' N99º 51.0' EAmandla⚓️ Back in Langkawi, Malaysia after two splendid months in Thailand ? <BR/> almost 3 years  agoShow

7º 48.822' N98º 21.888' EAmandlaAhoy Thailand! 25 countries under sail for me and counting. The Captain has sailed to more but isn't interested in keeping track ;-)almost 3 years  agoShow

1º 25.068' N103º 39.45' EAmandlaArrived safely at Puteri Marina in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Adventure awaits!over 3 years  agoShow

1º 11.76' N104º 5.82' EAmandlaI spy Singapore! I spy Malaysia! Spending our last day in Indonesia at the lovely Nongsa Point Marina. Very, very sad to be leaving here. We've loved sailing Indonesia.over 3 years  agoShow

2º 15.828' S106º 19.302' EAmandla⚓️ Arrived Pulau Ketawai after a two day sail from Belitung. My friend Abby joined us for the trip. First time on a boat and LOVING IT! We are enjoying the food, entertainment, and beaches here ⛵️over 3 years  agoShow

2º 33.66' S107º 40.758' EAmandla⚓️ Arrived in beautiful Belitung. Clear water and miles of pristine beach. Think we will stay awhile over 3 years  agoShow

2º 44.082' S111º 44.238' EAmandlaArrived safely in Kumai. Heading out on a 3-day tour of Tanjung Puting National Park to see the orangutans.over 3 years  agoShow

5º 52.488' S110º 25.542' EAmandlaTemporary fuel tank works like a charm. Arrived safely in Karimun Jawa after a 24 hour motor sail from Bawean. The Captain is a genius!over 3 years  agoShow

5º 43.71' S112º 39.942' EAmandlaFuel tank has sprung a leak again and this time it's a gusher. The Captain has fashioned a brilliant solution to keep us going until Singapore.over 3 years  agoShow

8º 9.498' S115º 1.452' EAmandlaSpent 3 lovely albeit slightly rolling days in Ambat Bay, Bali (would have been untenable without a stern anchor). Snorkeled the USS Liberty Reef, drank Kopi Luwak, visited Ubud, and celebrated Galungan. Today we sailed up the east coast to renew our visas in Lovina. Will be here a week touring the north and west coasts of Bali! over 3 years  agoShow

8º 19.998' S115º 38.82' EAmandla⚓️ Anchors down Bali. Arrived Ambat Bay, Amed after a 24 hour sail from Moyo. Think I am going to like it here.over 3 years  agoShow

8º 16.632' S117º 30.372' EAmandlaArrived Moyo. Snorkeling supposed to be amazing here. Can't wait check it <BR/>out tomorrow. Sent from our satellite phone as we are without cell/internet <BR/>service here. . <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

8º 25.368' S118º 42.612' EAmandla⚓️ Anchors up Bima. Had a comfortable rest overnight. Motoring toward Kilo. Hope the wind picks up when we leave the fjord ⛵️over 3 years  agoShow

8º 27.03' S119º 17.73' EAmandlaGilli Banta was our last stop in East Nusa Tengarra. Just outside of Komodo National Park it has a lovely reef with a variety of coral, anemones, and small tropical fish. Lifted anchor this morning and sailing to Sumbawa nowover 3 years  agoShow

8º 39.048' S119º 42.762' EAmandlaKrazy for Komodo! Spent 4 days in Komodo National Park watching dragons feed off water buffalo and snorkeling with turtles and mantas. Love this place!over 3 years  agoShow

8º 31.062' S119º 52.038' EAmandlaArrived Labuan Bajo! So excited to snorkel Komodo and to see the dragons!over 3 years  agoShow

8º 38.082' S122º 18.45' EAmandlaSpent a few days anchored off the Sea World resort near Maumere. Took an 8 hour round trip road trip to Kelimutu Lakes yesterday. Stunning! Setting out for a two night sail to Labuan Bajo today. Then off to Komodo National Park.over 3 years  agoShow

7º 47.268' S123º 34.716' EAmandlaEnjoyed a few relaxing days anchored off Komba/ Batu Tara. An beautiful, active volcano. Was smoking but not sparking. Still, a gorgeous anchorage.over 3 years  agoShow

8º 13.35' S124º 30.318' EAmandlaAfter a whirlwind tour of Timor that including meetings with The Mayor of Kupang, The Governor of East Nusa Tenggara, and The King of Boti, we lifted anchor and sailed to Alor. Looking forward to exploring this underwater paradise.over 3 years  agoShow

10º 9.63' S123º 34.218' EAmandlaHi Indonesia! Senang bertemu dengan Anda. We are getting settled into the country and look forward to exploring all the AWESOME that awaits us in here: Komodo Dragons, monkeys, orangutans, waterfalls, active volcanoes, mountain treks, diverse cultures, city buzz, historic temples, endless beaches, and an extensive underwater paradise.over 3 years  agoShow

10º 42.252' S125º 9.33' EAmandlaAlmost there! Since sunrise, we've enjoyed a lovely sail in a gentle breeze <BR/>under blue skies. Only 125 nm to Kupang! Sent from our satellite phone as we <BR/>are without cell/internet service. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

12º 27.108' S130º 49.212' EAmandlaHello Darwin! Made it here without the need for repairs...okay, there is a tiny little rip in the genoa UV covering, but The Captain will have that sewn up in a jiffy. We have a bit of time to play before getting ready for Indonesia, so we are taking a road trip to Kakadu next week! over 3 years  agoShow

11º 17.25' S131º 47.46' EAmandlaTucked in at Alcaro Bay waiting for favorable current to carry us though The <BR/>Van Diemen Gulf toward Darwin. The song 'Afternoon Delight' unexpectedly <BR/>showed up on Amandla's new music mix this afternoon and will now be playing <BR/>incessantly in my mind for days to come :-(. Sent from our satellite phone <BR/>as we are without cell/internet service. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

11º 8.292' S135º 46.062' EAmandlaFish! Tuna poke tonight. We finished our mackerel, put the pole back in the <BR/>water, and within 2 minutes, had a beautiful yellow fin on our line. Sent <BR/>from our satellite phone as we are without cell/internet service. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

11º 9.882' S136º 41.682' EAmandlaWe've dropped anchor in the remote Wessel Islands for an overnight rest. <BR/>Will be on our way at daybreak. Only 400 nm to Darwin! Sent from our <BR/>satellite phone as we are without cell/internet service. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

10º 53.952' S138º 50.382' EAmandlaThe wind found us last evening and treated us to a boisterous, squally sail. <BR/>Today we are sailing more comfortably 'wing-to-wing' in 14 knot winds under <BR/>sunny skies. Sent from satellite phone as we are without cell/internet <BR/>service. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

10º 49.86' S141º 27.438' EAmandlaSailed quickly via the Endeavour Strait in the Torres Strait riding a <BR/>favorable, strong current. Now crossing the shallow (16 + meter) Gulf of <BR/>Carpentaria; we've anchored in places deeper than this. Experiencing minor <BR/>squalls which pass quickly. 8 knot NE winds far less than predicted. Sent <BR/>from satellite phone as we are without cell/internet service. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

10º 38.448' S142º 38.838' EAmandlaMade it to the top of Australia after a squall filled evening. We are going <BR/>to celebrate with some sleep. Sent from satellite phone as we are without <BR/>cell/internet service. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

11º 53.25' S143º 14.682' EAmandlaWas quite boisterous sail out of Lloyd Bay this morning but now the wind and <BR/>sea have calmed. We are making way comfortably through the Great Barrier <BR/>Reef under sunny skies in 18 knot winds. Should arrive at Mount Adolphus <BR/>Island (7 nm east northeast of Cape York) at dawn. Sent from satellite phone <BR/>as we are without cell/internet service. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

12º 51.39' S143º 23.37' EAmandlaTucked in at Lloyd Bay waiting for weather to calm....or at least to get some rest before we brave the wind and sea again. over 3 years  agoShow

14º 8.232' S144º 30.78' EAmandlaEnjoyed gorgeous 360 degree views of the Great Barrier Reef from Cooks <BR/>Lookout, Lizard Island yesterday after a 359 m hike up a steep, rocky <BR/>incline. Difficult but totally worth it. Under sail since sunrise. Rounding <BR/>Cape Melville now on a broad reach in 23 knots of wind under partly cloudy <BR/>skies. Sent from satellite phone as we are without cell/internet service. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

14º 39.51' S145º 26.97' EAmandla⛵️ Enjoyed a lovely sail to Lizard Island. Hiking and snorkeling on tomorrow's agenda ⚓️ <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

15º 27.828' S145º 14.478' EAmandlaMessage Body <BR/>⛵️ Anchors down Cooktown. Let's go exploring ⚓️ <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

15º 44.568' S145º 30.258' EAmandlaMessage Body <BR/>Just sailed passed the Endeavor Reef #historic <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

17º 4.878' S146º 6.582' EAmandlaMessage Body <BR/>Motor sailing our way to Cooktown. We will sadly have to bypass much of the Great Barrier Reef due to repair delays, but we have Darwin and Indonesia to look forward to ⛵️ <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

19º 15.24' S146º 49.332' EAmandlaEnjoyed a few lovely days of snorkeling at Hook and Bait Reefs on the GBR. Now in Townsville to repair our primary auto pilot and water-maker. over 3 years  agoShow

19º 48.21' S149º 9.3' EAmandlaArrived safely Hook Reef. Happy to report that nothing more broke along the <BR/>way. Looking forward to seeing what is beneath us. Sent from satellite <BR/>phone as we are without cell/internet service. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

20º 4.38' S148º 55.698' EAmandlaDecided to stop over in Butterfly Bay on our way to Hook Reef. Primary auto <BR/>pilot and water maker stopped fuctioning along our way, but we will delay <BR/>repairs until we reach Magnetic Island on Saturday. We've got a reef to <BR/>snorkel first. Sent from satellite phone as we are without cell/internet <BR/>service. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

20º 15.738' S148º 56.442' EAmandlaNow tucked in at Cid Harbor. Hope we have time for a hike to Whitsunday Island Peak tomorrow. Limited internet her.over 3 years  agoShow

20º 7.878' S148º 54.81' EAmandlaTucked in at Nara Inlet off Hook Island to wait out expected north-westerly <BR/>winds. Back to Airlie Beach on Monday for final provisions. Sent from <BR/>satellite phone as we are without cell/internet service. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

20º 15.45' S148º 42.948' EAmandlaDropped anchor off Airlie Beach in The Whitsundays. Beautiful here. Will be looking for a mechanic, shore facilities, and an underwater camera in short order...and catching up now that we have internet again.over 3 years  agoShow

21º 35.748' S149º 47.562' EAmandlaEnjoyed a wonderful sail to Curlew Island; 13 knots on the beam in calm seas <BR/>under sunny skies. The butterflies led Amandla into the anchorage. Off <BR/>tomorrow for an overnight passage to Airlie in the Whitsundays. Sent from <BR/>satellite phone as we are without cell/internet service. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

21º 40.272' S150º 17.49' EAmandlaAfter a 27 hour passage, dropped anchor in stunning Whites Bay off Middle <BR/>Percy. We are surrounded by rugged landscapes, expansive, empty beaches, <BR/>and butterflies dancing around Amandla. Think we will stay here for a few <BR/>days . Sent from satellite phone as we are without cell/internet service. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

23º 26.112' S151º 58.05' EAmandlaHad a great time snorkeling Heron Island (GBR) .until our trusty <BR/>'waterproof' camera case filled with water #rip #CanonG11. Luckily The <BR/>Captain has a GoPro. Sent from satellite phone. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

23º 26.112' S151º 58.05' EAmandlaLet's go snorkeling!! Arrived safely at Heron Island in the Great Barrier <BR/>Reef. Experienced a few more engine problems along the way (a corroded <BR/>coolant hose and a corroded starter relay wire). Luckily The Captain has <BR/>sorted them both. Now it is time to play. Sent from satellite phone as <BR/>there is no internet here. <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

24º 59.802' S153º 9.618' EAmandlaAnd we're off! The engine repair held. No oil leaks. We're heading to Heron Island in the GBR. Will send periodic location updates via satellite phone, but otherwise, offline for a few days. over 3 years  agoShow

25º 0.282' S153º 12.702' EAmandlaNo internet or cell phone here. Sent by satellite phone. Engine problems <BR/>encountered as we were entering Platypus Bay (coupling shaft inverter came <BR/>undone). Captain put in a fix, but we might head into Bundaberg tomorrow to <BR/>have it looked at before sailing on to the GBR <BR/> over 3 years  agoShow

25º 23.358' S153º 1.512' EAmandlaDropped the hook in Kingfisher Bay off Fraser Island. A boat friendly resort with lots of day facilities. Off to explore.over 3 years  agoShow

25º 37.812' S152º 58.338' EAmandlaArrived safely at Garry's Anchorage off Fraser Island. Looking forward to doing some exploring tomorrow.over 3 years  agoShow

26º 41.202' S153º 7.83' EAmandlaMoored in Mooloolaba for a couple of days hoping to find someone to fix Amandla's freezer compressor. Seems like a nice place. Fraser Island will have to wait a few days.almost 4 years  agoShow

28º 38.082' S153º 36.942' EAmandlaAnchors up Byron Bay. Next stop, Fraser Island if the wind and current cooperate!almost 4 years  agoShow

30º 53.562' S153º 9.768' EAmandlaGreat to be underway again. Star filled night followed by a sun filled day. The only thing missing is wind :-(almost 4 years  agoShow

32º 55.2' S151º 45.66' EAmandlaIt is anchors up for the crew of Amandla today. Queensland here we come <BR/> almost 4 years  agoShow

32º 55.002' S151º 42.0' EAmandlaArrived safely in Newcastle after a blustery sail. Feels like home even though we only visited here for a week in 2015. Will be here until around May 9 then sailing onward into the 'new'.almost 4 years  agoShow

33º 36.282' S151º 17.748' EAmandlaBack in Coasters Retreat after sadly leaving Sydney in our wake. Head to Newcastle tomorrow for a week, then onward to new anchorages as we slowly make our way to Singapore.almost 4 years  agoShow

33º 50.358' S151º 14.058' EAmandlaSafely tucked in back home after an INCREDIBLE SYDNYEabout 4 years  agoShow

33º 50.874' S151º 14.364' EAmandlaAnchor Set For SYDNYE. So excited!about 4 years  agoShow

33º 52.35' S151º 14.01' EAmandlaSafely tucked in at our new home in Rushcutters Bay! over 4 years  agoShow

33º 38.73' S151º 12.678' EAmandlaUp Smith's Creek. Kindred Bay is heaven on earth.over 4 years  agoShow

33º 36.282' S151º 17.748' EAmandlaArrived Coasters Retreat in beautiful Pittwater. I don't think I'll ever want to leave here.over 4 years  agoShow

32º 55.2' S151º 45.678' EAmandlaGidday from Newcastle, Australia! We've arrived safely, albeit a bit tired. over 4 years  agoShow

32º 3.672' S153º 36.468' EAmandlaThe current and winds changed back in our favor overnight. We are flying again under warm, blue skies. Only 105 nm to Newcastle, Australia over 4 years  agoShow

29º 59.208' S156º 39.27' EAmandlaMotoring against strong current with 6 kts apparent from stern. Slow going. <BR/>.303 nm to Newcastle, Australia <BR/> over 4 years  agoShow

28º 33.168' S158º 39.498' EAmandlaModerate winds on the beam in slight seas. Traded some speed for comfort. <BR/>439 nm to Newcastle, Australia <BR/> over 4 years  agoShow

26º 39.33' S160º 57.63' EAmandlaReaching in a strong breeze with moderate to rough seas. A bit <BR/>uncomfortable, but we are flying.. 605 nm to Newcastle, Australia <BR/> over 4 years  agoShow

22º 16.602' S166º 26.412' EAmandlaArrived in beautiful Noumea, New Caledoniaover 4 years  agoShow

21º 12.378' S170º 2.772' EAmandlaAfter a 17 hour hiatus, the wind has finally returned and we are happily sailing along. 181 nm to the passover 4 years  agoShow

20º 20.532' S171º 56.292' EAmandlaBlue skies, smooth seas, gentle breeze and fish! 298 nm to the passover 4 years  agoShow

17º 45.45' S177º 23.172' EAmandla1 September - Back in the anchorage at Denarau. Heading into marina tomorrow to have a new bimini made.over 4 years  agoShow

17º 4.92' S177º 16.602' EAmandla28 August 2015 - Naviti Island. Going to snorkel a WWII plane wreck tomorrow if we can find it! over 4 years  agoShow

16º 49.47' S177º 27.57' EAmandla26 August 2015 - Arrived in the lovely Namataya Anchorage. At sometimes, sublime, at others, a bit rolling.over 4 years  agoShow

16º 56.292' S177º 21.84' EAmandla20 August 2015 - Arrived in the famous (and beautiful) Blue Lagoon. I think we will stay awhileover 4 years  agoShow

17º 10.248' S177º 11.292' EAmandla19 August 2015 - Went looking for Mantas at S Naviti. Sadly found none. 31 August - Returned here yesterday and this morning swam with Manta Raysover 4 years  agoShow

17º 19.38' S177º 7.872' EAmandla18 August 2015 - Drive By Sevusevu in Waya. over 4 years  agoShow

18º 3.09' S177º 17.112' EAmandla15 August 2015 - Enjoyed Two Fire Dancing Shows at Likuri Islandover 4 years  agoShow

17º 54.84' S177º 15.858' EAmandla14 August 2015 - Overnight in Momi Bay with Cousin Mary Lou on-board. Calm anchorageover 4 years  agoShow

17º 46.368' S177º 22.95' EAmandla1 August 2015 - In the marina at Denarau for a few weeks. Looking forward to sailing onward over 4 years  agoShow

17º 20.76' S178º 7.998' EAmandla27 July - Slowly Making Our Way To Denarau Through The North West Passage On Viti Levuover 4 years  agoShow

17º 26.538' S178º 57.108' EAmandlaJuly 27 - Enjoyed 6 lovely days offline in Makogai, a former leper colony and current magricultural center.over 4 years  agoShow

16º 44.982' S179º 53.292' EAmandla9 July - Arrived in beautiful Viani Bay where we will do some snorkeling and wait for a weather window to head SW. We have internet. Yay! over 4 years  agoShow

16º 56.058' S179º 54.012' EAmandla9 July - Arrived Paradise, Taveuni Fiji. It is truly paradise. Unfortunately, inclement weather approaching so need to tuck in to Viani Bay. We'll be backover 4 years  agoShow

16º 45.18' S179º 6.642' WAmandla7 July - Arrived Wailagilala - Rolling, rolling, rolling. Ready to leave :-(over 4 years  agoShow

17º 10.908' S178º 59.922' WAmandla2 July - Arrived Nabavatu Plantation for some hiking and to celebrate the 4th with friendsover 4 years  agoShow

17º 10.698' S179º 1.71' WAmandla30 June - Arrived beautiful Bay of Islands. Gorgeous landscapes and really cool flying foxes.over 4 years  agoShow

17º 13.272' S178º 57.978' WAmandlaArrived Daliconi Village 24 June - Loved It!over 4 years  agoShow

17º 6.69' S179º 5.592' EAmandlaSpending a few days snorkeling at Namena Island. Huge reef with beautiful coral. over 4 years  agoShow

16º 46.692' S179º 20.01' EAmandlaSafely arrived and checked into Savusavu. Glad to see many friends here, some totally unexpected surprises. Now just need to get settled in. over 4 years  agoShow

19º 32.838' S179º 59.622' WAmandlaLand Ho! We can see Matuka off our port bow. Still have 178 nm to go <BR/>before we make landfall in Savusavu on Vanua Levu. Yay! <BR/> over 4 years  agoShow

23º 37.092' S178º 54.72' WAmandlaThe winds have clocked south and so it is anchors up for the crew of Amandla this afternoon. We will enjoy lobster salad for lunch before departing North Minerva Reef.over 4 years  agoShow

23º 37.092' S178º 54.72' WAmandlaReef Ho! Double treat on the 0400-0600 watch – South Minerva light to port and sunrise to starboard. Anchored in North Minerva waiting for low tide so the boys can hunt for lobsters. Enjoying Pumpkin Risotto for lunch.over 4 years  agoShow

25º 36.978' S179º 46.59' WAmandlaFish tonight! The boys caught a HUGE Mahi Mahi. One day out from Minerva <BR/>Reef. Can't wait. 125 nm to go. Seas like glass L. <BR/> over 4 years  agoShow

27º 50.808' S179º 13.878' EAmandlaWhat's good about having to motor in 2 knots of wind? Warm water for <BR/>showers. Weather now temperate enough for t-shirts, shorts and bare <BR/> least during the day. Should be in Minerva by Saturday <BR/> over 4 years  agoShow

29º 48.018' S178º 10.368' EAmandlaFinally! Blue skies and a bit of warmth. Loving the new sails. They propel <BR/>us forward even in the lightest of winds. Never did see a Blue Penguin L <BR/>but hoping to see some dolphins along our way. <BR/> over 4 years  agoShow

31º 48.87' S176º 50.382' EAmandlaWarmth still eludes us but happy to know it is close at hand. The Captain <BR/>is holding up remarkably well like the old salt he is. Steve always <BR/>smiling. Seas remain calm and winds have picked up a bit. Life is good. <BR/> over 4 years  agoShow

34º 16.77' S175º 39.462' EAmandlaCrew of Amandla well. Making our way toward Minerva Reef under partly cloudy <BR/>skies in light winds. Seas are a bit bouncy but we are managing. Great to <BR/>be on passage again. <BR/> almost 5 years  agoShow

35º 50.322' S174º 28.14' EAmandla <BR/> <BR/>Bow lines cast...and we are off! <BR/> almost 5 years  agoShow

36º 37.392' S174º 47.208' EAmandla <BR/> <BR/>Leaving Gulf Harbor 15 May and checking out of New Zealand on 18 May <BR/> almost 5 years  agoShow

35º 18.78' S174º 7.296' EAmandlaArrive safely in New Zealand. More beautiful (and colder :-0) than we ever imaginedover 5 years  agoShow

32º 18.228' S175º 4.95' EAmandlaMotoring continues. Doing a bit of westing given sea conditions. Weather cool and rainy.. 178 mtg. <BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

30º 37.14' S176º 34.362' EAmandlaWinds remain elusive. Lots of motoring. 299 mtg. Captain making a lamb stew<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

28º 29.97' S177º 46.692' EAmandlaWinds less than 5 kts. Using the Iron Genoa after a few fabulous days of #sailing. 440 mtg.<BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

26º 7.998' S179º 0.108' EAmandlaMaking great time from lovely Minerva. Enjoyed #sailing across the dateline. All well on Amandla <BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

23º 38.958' S178º 53.67' WAmandlaArrived Minerva Reef today after 45 hour voyage. Waiting for weather window #sailing <BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

21º 8.268' S175º 10.992' WAmandla <BR/><BR/>We are #sailing to New Zealand from Tonga on 27 October 2014. Follow us<BR/>virtually on Farkwar <BR/>over 5 years  agoShow

18º 45.018' S174º 4.968' WAmandla <BR/><BR/>Had a lovely sail from Samoa to Neiafu, Vava'u, Tonga via Niuatoputapu.<BR/>Swam with Whales!over 5 years  agoShow

15º 57.402' S173º 46.698' WAmandlaNiuatoputapu Tonga - September / October 2014over 5 years  agoShow

13º 48.75' S171º 45.702' WAmandla <BR/><BR/>Testing out @farkwaar app for cruising sailors #sailingover 5 years  agoShow

26º 4.95' N80º 2.13' WAmandlaFlorida February/March 2013over 5 years  agoShow

23º 51.138' N75º 7.29' WAmandlaBahamas March 2013over 5 years  agoShow

18º 10.848' N76º 27.198' WAmandlaJamaica March 2013over 5 years  agoShow

1º 2.988' S91º 2.25' WAmandlaGalapagos May 2013over 5 years  agoShow

23º 6.93' S134º 57.99' WAmandlaGambier June/July 2013over 5 years  agoShow

9º 48.258' S139º 1.908' WAmandlaMarquesas August/September 2013over 5 years  agoShow

16º 44.112' S151º 29.28' WAmandlaSociety Islands October 2013over 5 years  agoShow

19º 43.14' N155º 3.168' WAmandlaHawaii December 2013over 5 years  agoShow

16º 48.138' S151º 0.468' WAmandlaSociety Islands May 2014over 5 years  agoShow

13º 14.82' S163º 6.408' WAmandlaSuwarrow August / September 2014over 5 years  agoShow

8º 13.512' N78º 53.34' WAmandlaPanama -- completed Canal crossing April 19, 2013. This was our waypoint as we prepared to leave Las Perlas on 4 May 2013. almost 7 years  agoShow

9º 22.068' N79º 57.048' WAmandlaPanama, Atlantic Side ~ April 2013almost 7 years  agoShow

New Waypoint