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15º 45.816' N96º 7.278' WIllusionArrived at Marina Chahue, Huatulco after four nights of slow, but enjoyable sailing - had a 1.5 knot counter current most of the trip.almost 5 years  agoShow

17º 38.22' N101º 33.33' WIllusionArrived Zihuatanejo after a two night, one day passage.almost 5 years  agoShow

19º 6.096' N104º 20.7' WIllusionAnchored at Las Hadas, near Manzanillo. Spent 3 nights at anchor, then got fuel at Las Hadas's fuel dock as we were leaving (that's the roughest fuel dock I've ever been to, but the staff were very friendly).about 5 years  agoShow

19º 11.718' N104º 40.926' WIllusionMoved into the marina at Barra de Navidad so we could use the resort pools - perfect for the kids! Spent 2 nights here.about 5 years  agoShow

19º 11.364' N104º 40.266' WIllusionAnchored in lagoon at Barra de Navidad just before sunset. Nice to have a completely still, calm anchorage again.about 5 years  agoShow

19º 17.352' N104º 47.544' WIllusionMoved over to La Manzanilla, a lovely little town at the east end of Tenecatita, with a great crocodile refuge! Spent the morning & early afternoon ashore, then moved on, as it isn't a protected anchorage and was a bit rolly. Lots of surf where we anchored (near the croc refuge) - could anchor further east, near the town center and have an easier beach landing.about 5 years  agoShow

19º 18.03' N104º 50.208' WIllusionOvernight passage from La Cruz to Bahia Tenecatita. Amazing display of whale breaching as we crossed Bahia Banderas - must have been 70-100 breaches, some very close to us!about 5 years  agoShow

20º 44.928' N105º 22.752' WIllusionLa Cruz - Marina Riviera Nayarit - first time for a while at the dock. Doing a few more boat jobs before friends arrive from Vancouver (Squamish) to sail with us for a bit.about 5 years  agoShow

20º 45.798' N105º 31.38' WIllusionArrived in Banderas Bay - anchored at Punta de Mita. Enjoyed watching the bird life & getting a few jobs done.about 5 years  agoShow

21º 30.9' N105º 14.49' WIllusionArrived in Matenchen Bay (near San Blas) after dark, but it's such a shallow, large bay, it was easy to settle into the anchorage. Spent the next day doing the crocodile river trip (amazing!) and exploring San Blas.about 5 years  agoShow

21º 50.55' N105º 52.92' WIllusionArrived at Isla Isabel at sunrise. Explored the island for a few hours - checking out the nesting blue-footed boobies & frigate birds. Lots of iguanas, too. A stunning island where we would have loved to spend more time, but the anchorage conditions weren't right for it. On to San Blas after a 5 hour stop-over.about 5 years  agoShow

23º 10.926' N106º 25.284' WIllusionArrived in Mazatlán! Enjoying exploring the old town area. Plan to depart for Isla Isabel on 2 or 3 March 2018.about 5 years  agoShow

23º 59.262' N109º 49.854' WIllusionArrived at Bahia de Los Muertos, preparing to cross the Gulf of California. Heading for Mazatlan, Isla Isabel, San Blas or Puerto Vallarta - depending on wind conditionsabout 5 years  agoShow

25º 48.57' N111º 15.588' WIllusionArrived at Isla Danzante. Now (finally!) sailing south for La Paz and crossing to the Mexican mainland. about 5 years  agoShow

24º 25.86' N110º 21.6' WIllusionAnchored in beautiful Bahía San Gabriel - gentle motorsail here from Balandra, and it's calm and still here. Comfortable anchorage. Anchored in 15 ft of water.about 5 years  agoShow

24º 19.494' N110º 19.956' WIllusionLeft La Paz in the afternoon so we decided to just go as far as Balandra beach as we hadn't stopped there on the way down. Dropped the anchor in about 18 feet but it was steep drop and we were in about 30 ft by the time we backed down on the chain. A beautiful spot, but the second night was rolly and rocky and not comfortable. It had been a windy, rainy day so the sea state had built up a bit. Definitely worth visiting though!about 5 years  agoShow

24º 9.42' N110º 19.482' WIllusionLa Paz - Marina Cortez. Staying for a week in the marina to check out this lovely town and do a few jobs. Toby very excited by all the playgrounds, Sara very excited by all the coffee shops, Doug very excited to have time to spend in the engine room (!)about 5 years  agoShow

23º 59.22' N109º 49.872' WIllusionAnchored at Los Muertos about 5 years  agoShow

23º 22.842' N109º 25.392' WIllusionAnchored in Los Frailes - amazing snorkeling!about 5 years  agoShow

23º 3.732' N109º 40.422' WIllusionArrived in San Jose del Cabo. First time in a marina for weeks. Time to clean and restock!about 5 years  agoShow

27º 41.1' N114º 53.31' WIllusionArrived in Bahia Tortuga, Baja. Beautiful but slow sail from Ensenada - sunny with light winds and flat seas.over 5 years  agoShow

31º 51.57' N116º 37.548' WIllusionArrived in Ensenada, Mexico! Hauling Illusion out of the water for a little work this morning.over 5 years  agoShow

32º 43.512' N117º 11.142' WIllusionSan Diego! Anchored in the Cruiser's Anchorage, "A-9". Only a few of us left!over 5 years  agoShow

33º 12.402' N117º 23.64' WIllusionArrived in Oceanside early evening, staying for a couple nights on the "Dolphin Dock" - more accurately called the "gull poo" dock. Still, a nicer way to spend a night than in a windless, rolly ocean. Unfortunately, a guy was discovered in the process of untying our boat from this public-access dock and Illusion was floating out into the channel - fortunately no damage was done. This is a first for us!over 5 years  agoShow

33º 36.522' N117º 55.17' WIllusionArrived at Newport Beach just after sunset. Took a mooring in the dark and settled into the calm, quiet of Lido Isle Reach.over 5 years  agoShow

33º 43.482' N118º 16.92' WIllusionTwo nights as guest at the Carbillo Beach Yacht Club! Thank you Jim & Cyndee and John & Diana for helping to organize our stay!over 5 years  agoShow

33º 42.822' N118º 16.788' WIllusionSunrise entry into the Port of LA, settled into beautiful Cabrillo Beach anchorage!over 5 years  agoShow

34º 24.75' N119º 39.81' WIllusionArrived to the rollyest anchorage we've ever visited. DON'T VISIT SANTA BARBARA after 31 Oct (off-season), if you must anchor - the harbor patrol will push you out of the city limits, about 1.6nmi away from the marina office (a long way by non-planing dinghy!). If it's blowing 10+kts, the anchorage will build up to a large swell which will continue after the wind abates at night - leading to severe rolling without a stern anchor set.over 5 years  agoShow

35º 22.098' N120º 51.348' WIllusionArrived and anchored in Morro Bay!over 5 years  agoShow

36º 36.252' N121º 53.16' WIllusionAnchored outside Monterey Harbor, enjoying more of the town and awaiting weather to move further south.over 5 years  agoShow

36º 36.522' N121º 53.592' WIllusionArrived at Breakwater Cove Marina, Monterey after an overnight sail from San Francisco.over 5 years  agoShow

37º 48.528' N122º 25.41' WIllusionAnchored in Aquatic Park, San Francisco!over 5 years  agoShow

37º 51.732' N122º 28.632' WIllusionBecoming too complacent with marina life. Didn't want to get "soft", so moved to an anchorage. Back to rolly days.over 5 years  agoShow

37º 58.362' N122º 28.722' WIllusionAt Loch Lomond marina for a few days to visit friends and tick off some jobs from our unfinished projects list.over 5 years  agoShow

41º 44.82' N124º 11.118' WIllusionArrived in Crescent City!over 5 years  agoShow

44º 37.44' N124º 3.132' WIllusionArrived in Newport, Oregon - first port in the USover 5 years  agoShow

48º 25.518' N123º 22.29' WIllusionAt Wharf Street Marina, Victoria, BC, Canada. Preparing for our departure south to US & Mexico.over 5 years  agoShow

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